Terms and conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions that you and govern the contractual relationship between us and you acknowledge your booking.

1. Notification
a. The accommodation contract is concluded as soon as rooms, premises, other supplies and services were ordered and promised or provided.
b. Conclusion of the accommodation contract obligates the contractor to fulfill the contract, regardless of what time the contract was concluded. The contract may be terminated only in the here and agreed in a confirmation of cancellation.
c. Reserved rooms are available to the guest from 15.00 clock. Use of the reserved room on the agreed time requires prior approval by the hotel.
d. Changes in the share of value-added tax rate go unnoticed the time of the agreement, at the expense of the customer.

2. Services
a. The Guest is not entitled to the provision of certain rooms. Should agreed rooms not be available, the hotel owner is obliged to ensure an equivalent substitute in the house or in other objects to try harder. The additional costs are charged to the hotel.
b. Refunds booked or paid, unused services is not possible.

3. Options
a. Become rooms or other services on an optional basis reserved the option data for both parties are binding. After the agreed option period, the hotel may freely without talking about the option booked rooms and services.
b. For a group of 30 people or more, the hotel reserves the right to change the agreed price, if less than 75% of the reserved rooms will be used.

4. Resignation
a. All cancellations must be in writing.
b. Individual reservations outside exhibitions a cancellation is free of charge up to 2 days before arrival. After that the hotel will charge 80% of total costs.
c. During fairs a cancellation up to 7 days before arrival free of charge. To 2 days before arrival the hotel will charge 50% of total costs, then 80% will be charged.
d. For a group (10 people), special cancellation conditions, hosting the hotel on request apply.

5. Liability
a. The hotel is liable for loss or damage to items brought only in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct of its employees. If the hotel is liable for any third parties, it shall also be liable only for gross negligence. A liability for valuables took over the hotel only if these were stored in a safe or left at the reception. Valuables only up to a value of 1.500,00 € approved and insured.
b. The hotel is not liable for damages or closure caused by interference with or disruption of its operations due to force majeure (etc. strikes, riots, war, natural disasters).

6. Others
a. If one or more provisions of the terms and conditions are invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the contract and the remaining provisions. Verbal agreements are only effective if they are confirmed in writing.

b. Moreover, the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The jurisdiction is Oberhausen.

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